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We totally rely on the kind support of our friends. Your online donation is tax-deductible in the USA.

Please note: It is extremely important that you indicate if your donation is in honor/memory of a special person. The story of the Neve Michael Children’s Village has touched many kindhearted individuals who have either visited our website or come to our safe haven and seen with their own eyes how we care for our children.

If you live in Israel:

Please contact:

Hava Levene, Director of Programs and Projects
Mobile: 0524239545

If you live in the USA:

Please contact:

Ronnie Jacobs Cohen, Executive Director
Mobile: 757-635-3703

Michael Brener, National Director

Bill Forster, Facilitator

Your online donation is tax-deductible in the USA. 

Neve Michael Children’s Home is a registered 501 (c) 3 in the United States. EIN: 20-8499330

Tax deductible contributions can be sent to: 
Neve Michael Children’s Village
P.O.Box 260067
Pembroke Pines, Fl., 33026 USA

If you live in Australia:

Please contact:

Sandy Sher:
Mobile: 0414228007

If you live in Canada Toronto:

Please contact:

Please click here for online donations (and please earmark your donation through Emunah Canada for Neve Michael Children’s Home).

National Office
Emunah Canada
7005 Kildare Road, Suite 18
Montreal, Quebec  H4W 1C1
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Many thanks to the Pratt Foundation for their continued help and support:


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Did you know that…

Although Neve Michael receives funds from the Department of Welfare every month for each child that crosses our threshold. There is a vast gap between the amount we receive and the actual amount it costs per child.

For example, the Israeli government allocates 80 NIS ( $22 ) per child per month for psychological treatment. It is absurd to think that we can help our children break the vicious cycle of distress based upon government funding.

How much does it cost per child per month?

It costs $2000 per month per child.
The Ministry of Welfare gives $1500 per month per child.
The shortfall is $500 per month per child.
Monthly shortfall for 280 children: $140,000.

Here are the facts:

We receive $20 a month per child for therapy
We receive $15 a month per child for turotial assistance
We receive $12 a month per child for clothes
Now that you have read about what we do- you are probably wondering how we do it. Well, we can do it only together with you.

For the scores of concerned persons who wish to participate in our worthy mission and offer some kind of assistance for children at risk at Neve Michael, here are some ways you can help:

  • $25,000 provides art therapy, ceramics therapy and dance therapy for one year in the Teenage Girls’ Crisis Center
  • $25,000 provides 2 pet therapists for 1 year
  • $ 2,500 cost of day-care program for 1 child for 1 year
  • $ 1,800 provides a Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience for 1 child that includes 10 trips, lectures, presents and a big celebration event
  • $1,000 – $2,500 allows 1 child to receive dental/orthodontic care
  • $ 1,000 provides a Welcome Package ( PJ’s, underwear, shoes, clothes, persona hygiene items) for a new arrival at our Children’s Emergency Crisis Center
  • $ 500 provides mattress, liner and blanket for 1 child
  • $ 150 provides eyeglasses for 1 child
  • $ 500 cost of evaluation needed to formulate 1 child’s treatment plan
  • $ 350 provides 1 child with schoolbooks, equipment and school uniform for 1 year
  • $ 300 Holiday/Shabbat clothing for 1 child for 1 year
  • $ 300  provides 1 child with shoes for 1 year
  • $ 200 provides 1 child with therapy and/or psychological treatment for 1 month
  • $200 provides 1 child with tutorial assistance for 1 month
  • $ 100 Birthday celebration for 1 child in a Family Home
  • $54 After-school activity for 1 child for 1 month
  • $72 provides 1 child with 1 therapeutic horseback riding session
  • $150 Parent-child activity in the Day Care Center
  • $100 provides games for our Games Closet