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Neve Michael Godparents are committed to ensuring every child at Neve Michael is provided a safe haven and given the very best education, as well as emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological care.

At Neve Michael, all children enjoy a clean, loving and safe place to call “home.” Neve Michael becomes their home and provides consistent nourishment for their bodies and souls. At Neve Michael, every child is given the opportunity to realize their potential and prepare for their future.

Our Neve Michael Godparent Role Models

HAVA LEVENE grew up in Washington, DC and made Israel her permanent home over 46 years ago. One day she showed up at Neve Michael’s doors asking if they needed her, and when they welcomed her with open arms she never looked back. Since then she has felt her work at NEVE MICHAEL CHILDREN’S VILLAGE is incredibly meaningful  every day.

Turning 100 this year, JACK STROMFELD tirelessly works to keep his passion alive. That passion is NEVE MICHAEL CHILDREN’S VILLAGE. Mr. Stromfeld initally had no fundraising expertise, but let his instincts direct him first to look to family and friends. After convincing family members to take individual sponsorships of $250 per child, he expanded to his doctors, accountants and other friends. When dead ends began to appear, Stromfeld was not deterred. He literally took to the streets, establishing new relationships with local synagogues, organizations and schools and recruiting others to help him spread the word about Neve Michael and sign up sponsors. He was tireless in his efforts. He is THE GODFATHER of Neve Michael Children’s Village.

Your Godparent gift of $1,800
provides children at Neve Michael Children’s Village
with everything you would want for your own child.

Become a Neve Michael Godparent, Contact Ronnie Jacobs Cohen,
Executive Director, at 757-635-3703, or by email at Ronnie@nevemichael.com.

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