B’nei Mitzvah Children

With Pesach just weeks away, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our dear friends and supporters for bringing the joy of our festive holidays to the hearts of our children.

As we reflect on the past few months our children’s most recent accomplishments are a source of great pride to us all:

This year, our B’nei Mitzvah celebration will be held for 28 children, 14 Bar-Mitzvah boys and 14 Bat-Mitzvah girls. The celebration, scheduled for June 14, 2018, will also include 2 boys from the Children’s Emergency Center and one girl from the Teenage Girls’ Crisis Center. Please check out these two B’nei Mitzvah boys who got their first set of tefilin.

Against all odds, our B’nei Mitzah boys and girls are managing to achieve the lofty goals they have set for themselves.  In the photo below they are shown participating in a robust climbing activity held at the Leadership Center in Ariel.