Highlights of Neve Michael’s Marathon Runners

On January 7, 2018 thirteen Neve Michael children participated in a 10-km race in Tiberius.

A BIG BRAVO to five of our children who participated in the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. We are so proud of them. What an amazing experience – Shabbat in Boca Raton, touring the city and representing Neve Michael in this marathon. We all thank you for making this happen!!!

To our five exceptional children: we couldn’t have made a better choice, their behavior was commendable, we had fun times with them, and we were all very happy that the Children’s Village cheered them on. Right now many eyes are watching them to see how they will develop and what will happen next, while the adoring eyes of young brothers and sisters are pumping them for information on how they made this great achievement. Our marathon runners plan to continue running, succeed in their studies and help other children believe in themselves, so that they can become better at what they do and accomplish great things, maybe even make it to Miami!

And another BIG BRAVO to our Neve Michael runners who participated in the big Tel-Aviv Marathon on February 23, 2018.

Kudos to 80 Neve Michael children and staff who completed the 5/10-km Saucony race held in extremely cold weather conditions in Tel-Aviv on January 19, 2018.